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Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus is good news for a broken world.

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin, was buried, and rose again for us to be free from our sin and to give us eternal life.

When we turn from our sin and place our trust in what Jesus Christ has done for us, we are then empowered to recover from our sin and to pursue God’s design for our lives.

Do you have any questions? Have you turned from your sin and placed your trust in Jesus today? Connect and let us know.

The Scriptures

At First Baptist Middleburg, we believe the Bible is God’s word. It is completely true, without error, and contains everything the Christian needs in order to know God and to live a life according to His design.

Statement of Faith

As a church, we affirm that Baptist Faith and Message 2000 is an accurate statement of biblical truth.

Doctrinal Summary

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

We believe in one God who exists eternally as three distinct persons.

We believe that Jesus is God’s Son. In his incarnation, he took on human flesh, lived a sinless life, died for our sins upon the cross, and rose from the dead three days later.

We believe that salvation is offered freely to all who repent of their sins and trust in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

We believe the church is central to God’s plan for humanity. As individuals are saved, God adopts them into his REAL FAMILY for strength, encouragement, support, and discipleship.

We believe that Jesus is coming back to judge the living and the dead. Everyone who has ever lived will stand before the Lord to give an account for their lives. Those who have trusted in Christ’s work upon the cross will receive the gift of eternal life.


First Baptist Middleburg is an independent, self-governing church that chooses to partner with several like-minded organizations to advance the gospel and strengthen our church. Our primary mission partners are:

The Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC is a coalition of over 45,000 churches that partner together to support international missionaries, plant churches, and train pastors. Through this partnership, our church invests in the ministries of over 8,000 missionaries and church planters around the world (and in the U.S.). Additionally, the SBC supports six fully accredited seminaries to train future pastors and missionaries. One of the ways we partner with the SBC is through our participation in the Florida Baptist Convention.

First Coast Churches is a partnership of over 200 churches in the northeast region of Florida. Partnering with FCC allows us to encourage and strengthen sister churches in the region and support local missions causes.

We also participate in the Black Creek Baptist Association, a smaller association of churches that focuses primarily on mission endeavors in Clay County.