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Our Church

About First Middleburg

Much has changed in our world since 1899 when First Baptist Middleburg was started by a group of 12 people in the backroom of a general store. Our church has changed just as much during that time, from meeting twice a month in a small one-room chapel with a part-time pastor to a growing campus with amazing facilities, a large ministerial staff, and over 1,000 people regularly gathering to worship. Through all of these changes, there has been one constant: our church’s desire to live as a REAL FAMILY that impacts our community with the love of Jesus Christ and shares the good news of His love around the world. That is our story, a story illustrated by our logo.

The Cross is at the center of our logo and reminds us that the gospel must be at the center of everything we do. It is only through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ upon the cross that we can be set free to recover and pursue God’s design for our lives.

The Intersecting Lines within our logo remind us of the intersecting roads in front of our church campus (one of the busiest intersections in Clay County) and the need to meet people wherever they are on the crossroads of life. The gospel of Jesus Christ is more than an intellectual curiosity or a story about events that took place 2,000 years ago. The gospel is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes and provides strength for every area of our lives. It is our goal to help those in our community embrace the power of the gospel to help them become all that God wants them to be.

The Outward Facing Arrows in our logo remind us of the mission that Jesus Christ gives every one of his followers. Our goal as a church is not only to introduce our community to the love of Christ, but to come alongside believers as they discover their life mission. The Holy Spirit wants to propel all of us into the mission of Christ, First Baptist wants to make that happen.


At First Baptist Middleburg, we’re more than friends, we’re REAL FAMILY. Bound together by the grace of God in Jesus Christ, we embrace the power of the gospel to heal our brokenness as we pursue God’s design for our lives. Together we offer strength and support to those navigating the crossroads of life while they follow Jesus Christ. We’re not a perfect family, but we love Jesus, love each other, and love our community.